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  • Il Coworking Space Cowo® è comodamente posizionato nel centro di Milano, con ottimi servizi di postazioni su scrivanie di grande formato, un area relax e una sala riunioni. Raggiungerlo è molto facile, grazie alla vicinanza alle fermata di metropolitana “Lima” e “Loreto”.

    Chiama ora: 02/

    Cellulare/WhatsApp: 351/54.18.911

    INFO • Ampio e luminoso coworking space • Desk attrezzati • Sala Riunioni • Aula Formazione

    COMMUNITY • Professional community con presenza di designer, progettisti e imprenditori. Coworking Manager: Cristiana Trotta

    NETWORK • Il Coworking Milano Buenos Aires a Milano fa parte di Rete COWO® Coworking Network, progetto fondato nel 2008 che accomuna oltre 100 spazi di Coworking in tutto il Paese, con una community globale di circa 5.000 coworker.

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  • 1 Recensione on “MILANO BUENOS AIRES – VIA TADINO”

      Valutazione generale:

      I’m an american freelance writer and editor, and I spent 3 weeks working at Coworking Milano Buenos Aires – Via Tadino. My experience could not have been any better! The office is in the studio of a local architecture firm. It is full of open space, plus a meeting room for privacy or calls. Location is great with plenty of great options to eat close by (Little Italy is one), and there is also a microwave, kettle, and refrigerator to bring lunch from home.

      Everyone working at the office was extremely welcoming right from the start. As an international, they were helpful recommending places to see and things to do in Milano and clued me into cultural nuances I otherwise might have missed, such as the complexity of italian coffee preferences. And with great english too, helpful as my italian is not fluent.

      Overall, I haven’t a single complaint about my time. In fact, it was everything i could have hoped for. By the end of my time working in the space I felt truly at home there, another part of the community. When I return to Milano, I will certainly be back to visit and work with the friends I made here again.

      1. Cristiana Trotta Autore del postMILANO BUENOS AIRES - VIA TADINO

        Dear Tom,

        thank you very much for your nice words, it was really a pleasure to have you with us! You enriched our working days and break times.

        We wish to have you again here in the future 🙂


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